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Statement of Purpose


This document, which is a requirement of the Care Standards Act 2000, provides an overview of our services and how we go about providing them. In order to keep the document brief we have necessarily summarised. However we have detailed policies which cover many of the areas mentioned below. Please feel free to ask for more detail or to see the relevant policy.

Residents’ Rights

We place the rights of residents’ at the fore front of our philosophy of care. We seek to advance these rights in all aspects of the environment and the services we provide and to encourage our residents’ to exercise their rights to the full.


We recognise that life in a communal setting and the need to accept help with personal tasks are inherently invasive of a residents ability to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed. We therefore strive to retain as much privacy as is possible for our service users’ by offering locks on service users storage space and to their bedroom (providing a risk assessment is done). We ensure confidentiality of all information the Home holds on the service user.


Disabilities quickly undermine dignity, so we try to preserve respect for our service users’ intrinsic values by treating them as a special and valued individual.

Tackling the stigma from which our clients may suffer through age, disability or status.


We are aware that our service users’ have given up a good deal of their independence in entering a group living situation. We recognise the importance for them to retain their independence and the problems that group living can give. We encourage residents to act and think as an individual and act without reference to another person.

By encouraging service users’, with the help of their family or representative if required, to contribute and have access to their personal care plan.


Many service users’ have sought admission to the home as an escape from the elements in their previous living arrangements which threatened their safety or caused them fear. We, therefore aim to provide an environment and structure of support which responds to this need. We aim to protect our residents from all forms of either, physical or verbal abuse and from all possible abusers. Provide accessible channels for dealing with all complaints from service users’. Create an atmosphere in the Home which service users’ experience as open, positive and inclusive.

Civil Rights

Being old, having disabilities and residing in a communal setting can all act to deprive our service users’ of their rights as citizens. We therefore, work to maintain our service users’ place in society as fully participating and benefiting citizens.


We aim to help service users’ exercise the opportunity to select from a range of options in all aspects of their lives, including management of their own medication, if risk assessments are in place.


We want to help our service users’ to realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives by informing ourselves as fully as possible of each residents’ wishes about his/her individual histories and characteristics. Attempting always to listen and attend promptly to their desire to communicate at a level they understand.

Quality Care

We wish to provide the highest quality of care, and will constantly seek feedback and improvement to the operation of the Home and the services we provide.

Choice of Home

We recognise that every prospective service user should have the opportunity to choose a home which suits their needs and abilities. We aim to facilitate that choice and to ensure that our residents know precisely what services we offer.

Health and Personal Care

Our homes provide personal care for the elderly, for both male and female residents, including limited spaces for those that may suffer form dementia or a mental disorder (past or present). We do not provide long term nursing care but with the help of the various bodies (i.e. Doctors, Community Nurses etc.) and if it is in the residents best interest, we can provide short term ‘intensive’ care. In pursuit of the best possible care we draw on expert professional.

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